Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem

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STEP RIGHT UP!Sombrero is a Spaghetti Western-inspired multiplayer shootout for 2-4 players. Saddle up in four unique game modes, with a cast of rough-and-ready characters ready to battle it out across a variety of treacherous locales in both local and online play. Whether you’re on the side of the law or a no-good cattle rustler, Sombrero offers a unique multiplayer experience.FEATURES:It's a Party – Invite your friends over and pull up a couch for a 2-4 player firefight fiesta!360 Degrees of Mayhem – Fire your weapons in any direction to blast enemy gunslingers out of their bootsOnline Multiplayer – Go online to battle gunslingers from around the world.A Colorful Cast of Characters – Choose from a memorable cast of nearly two dozen playable characters. There’s a little something for everyone!A Fistful of Powerups – Grab power-ups, from boomerangs to alien plasma launchers, and buck the odds in your favor.Content Updates – Exciting new Locations, Characters and Power-ups will be moseying out on a regular basis! GAME MODES:Deathmatch – Shoot or be shot! May the best man, woman, or tentacle-faced alien win!Loot – Grab as many bags of money as you can before the time runs out. The outlaw with the most cash wins! Just like real life.Capture The Flag – Win the Old West one territory at a time. Capture as many flags as you can!Banditos – "Borrow” the priceless Golden Monkey Idol before anyone else! Hold it the longest and win the round.Note: All multiplayer modes include fast-paced shootouts. Keep your shooters loaded, pardner!Check it out in action!
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