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Note: This version is only a demo version, does not represent the future of gaming contentWarfire is a game of shooting and adventure. As a player, a person can experience the glory to be an American solider.Your task, as an American solider, is to fight the NA organization while NA is destoying the nation. As the game starts, you will be assigned to protect a congressman and your team is ambushed by a NA army. As the game progresses, you will face the pain of the lost of some team members and witness ruthless attitude from the Congressman. It shakes your belief to dedicate yoursleves to the government,however, the honor and the duty of being a solider have driven you into the battle to against the NA. Besides the experiences of the battle are full of dangerous, betraied, and lost faith of the government, there are also the bonds and inspirations between the comrades. After numerous times of facing cold realities from the society and temptations from the NA, it almost lead you to change the belief. However, the helpless of the citizens makes you realize that you are protecting the fellow citizens, not those who are running the government. You decide to fight, to fight until the end.Feature: We implement physics engine for collision detection. Please enjoy the excellent quality of the revolution. There is no more fake environment during the course of the game. The revolution of the game is so close to the nature, it seems that the player is actually in the battle field. We have done the best work to optimize the quality of the game, the flow of the game is flawless. You will fall in love to this game.The feeling of shooting is so real that a player may feel he is actually shooting.We Committed to make the story to close to reality, a player can experience the dangers in the battle field and also to realize the fears of citizens in the cities that are under attacks.Setting:There are setting for level difficulties. A player will find it challenge and much more pleasure.
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