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//[{Brief Overview}]\\Gal-X-E aims to revive the old-school shoot em up genre, and adds modern elements to it! Fight your way through endless waves of randomly generated madness! Collect spaceships and show the enemy who's boss!//[{GamePlay}]\\Gal-X-E offers unique and interesting gameplay. Unlike traditional modern games where players can upgrade themselves until their power level reaches "Over 9000!", Gal-X-E relies on the actual skill of the player. Even though Gal-X-E offers new spaceships to be built, they only provide minimal improvement. All classes are completely unique in the way that they play, so try to find the one that suits you the most! Players are thrown into an arena where they fight of hordes of never-ending enemies. Kill enemies and collect score multipliers to gain incredible amounts of points!//[{Spaceships}]\\Gal-X-E presents the player with 24 different spaceships, divided into 6 unique classes as follows:Light: High agility, as well as a rapid fire-rate with low accuracy.Medium: Normal firing rate, higher damage, and slower speeds.Heavy: Low fire rate, high damage, and good accuracy. It's almost a portable cannon.Shotgun: Capable of dealing devastating damage, though you'll have to get uncomfortably close to maximize the effect.Sniper: These bad boys are 100% accurate, and deal one shot one kill hits. You'll have no excuse for missing this time!Chaingun: The most inaccurate, yet highest damage class! It's basically spray and pray for noobs.//[{Enemies}]\\Every enemy in Gal-X-E provides an unique challenge to overcome, but we won't go about spoiling your fun by telling you what to expect.//{[Languages]}\\Currently only English is supported, but the interface is self explanatory so that anyone from any language can enjoy it!//{[Features]}\\The main game consists of randomly generated waves of enemies, meaning that not one play through will be the same! The longer you survive, the more intense the waves become!The Hangar is where you can open loot boxes in the hopes of finding a brand new, shiny spaceship!The Badges screen is where you can view your current badges and your progress on those you still need to earn. Badges are basically achievements but with CRAZY challenges!The Stats screen allow you to be disappointed in your life when you see how much of your life you've wasted on this game.//{[Conclusion]}\\If you're into old-school arcade fun, as well as games that rely mainly on the improving of the player's skill, Gal-X-E is for you!
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