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JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameRagnorium is a planet recolonization simulator set in an alternative universe where the privatization of space exploration has led to the commoditization of clone colonists. Tasked with leading a self-sustainable colony, you must find a way to lead your faction to prosperity while attempting to survive the oncoming Holy Crusade.Manufacture clone colonists tailored to the specifications and needs of your colony before launching them alongside necessary cargo, supplies, and tech to the burgeoning settlement.Progress through technological eras and enhance your colony with new mechanical marvels earned through activities including dispatch missions and colony milestones. Each accomplishment is another step towards the next leap in technology and progress.Embedded with RPG mechanics, players are able to customize their colonists alongside the colony through experience, scavenged items, and crafting. Detail the skills of individual colonists as they journey through the hardships of your uncharted planet.Each map in Ragnorium has a unique atmosphere, music, enemies, and backstory for you to experience.ESMA-1 is the first map that was developed. - Inspired by American Western Canyons and Aliens movie.ERAN-2 is a mars-like planet. - Inspired by Mars, Mushrooms and Frogs.SAHRON-3 is an Arabian Culture/Egypt-like planet. - Inspired by my love of Arabian Culture and dream of visiting the real desert one day.ALDON-4 is a magical winter planet. - Inspired by FF8 Dollet City and Relaxing Winter Ambience that can be found in the North.JUNIPER-5 is a tropical grassland planet. - What would happen if humanity disappeared and Androids took over? TANAS-6 is a meadow grassland planet. - Inspired by the beautiful nature of the Alps. The game is updated every Friday with new content. This Development approach gives players a clear view of the development and something to look forward to.
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