Shark Dating Simulator XL

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As a new graduate of Scuba School, your underwater mad skills are for hire, as you seek adventure and romance. Along with your charming boss Marina Fishpaste, take to the high seas to discover a love like you never expected in the form of a Tsundere Shark. Will you help her or harm her?Shark Dating Simulator XL is a quick-play parody visual novel with dozens of different endings featuring colourful hand-drawn cartoon characters in a unique style. Choices you make early on in the game can have impact on the final result - will you be able to find the true ending and win the heart (among other things) of a 2,000lb Great White Shark?~ A multiple choice story with choice that have consequences!~ Vibrant hand-drawn graphics.~ Atmospheric music.~ Kawaii Shark Girl desu Senpai!
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