Mysterium VR Demo

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VRZ: SHOOTER DEMO! VRZ is an all-new take on the VR experience, where use realist weapons and tactics while fIghting off an unending zombie horde! Currently in EARLY ACCESS, we are now offering a new FREE shooter demo that will see you testing every component of the final game. Being an EARLY ACCESS title, VRZ is still developing core gameplay mechanics. However you will be able to playtest nearly all the realistic weaponry, participate in zombie-kill leaderboards, play several mini-games, and even undertake a “duck hunt”. Players can also look forward to future updates that will be adding features and story to their overall experience well in advance of this years November release! Purchasing VRZ Alpha will not only unlock the full game in November, but will offer it at a significant discount from the retail price! With just over 40+ hours of gameplay at release, we intend to deliver one hell of a ride to those who support us. Players will find Purgatory Island to be plagued with impossible unlife, with a variety of zombie skags roaming its rancid paradise and posing an unyielding threat. Some of these zombies will grow more Toxic (and intelligent), having been driven beyond their primal urges to hunt and destroy you! Survive long enough, and you may just discover the path to salvation. You the player are the secret experiment, the rat in the maze, and you’ll need both wit and brawn to overcome the challenges ahead! We can’t wait to share more soon, but till then, keep on fragging!
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