Space Hole 2016

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Warning: Please take caution if you have problems with seizures or similar issues! This game features many flashing bright lights! Will you enter the SPACE HOLE? Can you traverse the LEVELS? In the near future, humans discover the missing piece for faster-than-light travel: giant glass spheres. All we needed to break the light-barrier was the light-ball... and now we've done it. Alone in your capsule, you venture into the deepest reaches of Space... through the SPACE HOLE. SPACE HOLE is reminiscent of games like Antichamber, Marble Madness, Katamari Damacy, with a healthy dose of Super Monkey Ball and a dash of pulp sci-fi. Prepare for a single-player adventure through over 100 levels, split into hubs like Hell and the Eyeballs Dimension. Music is from Beverly Crusher, a local Seattle indie punk band. Supports gamepad (eg Xbox 360 pad) or mouse & keyboard! Graphical settings that will work for most computers!
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