The Song of Seven: Chapter One Original Soundtrack

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The beautiful original soundtrack for The Song of Seven : Chapter One : Overture. Composed by Jonathan Yandel. 1.The Song of Pria 06:19 2.Forest Clearing 01:21 3.The Sleepy Village 02:59 4.The Boy Who Woke Up 03:54 5.My Name is Emma 04:55 6.The Song of Makara 03:22 7.The Cranky Scholar 02:33 8.The Climb 02:00 9.Emma's Flying Machine 02:55 10.Ami's Song 01:16 11.The Labyrinth 03:44 12.A Duel of Words 01:12 13.Kiba's Nightmare 00:38 14.The Shroud 00:23 15.Makara in the Gloaming 03:38 16.The Forgotten Temple 06:51 17.The Auroch 02:31 18.A Cup of Tea in the Sacred Lands 08:37 19.The Renegade Herd 00:57 20.Nocturne for Siara 00:54 21.Dancing for Apples 04:06 22.Homecoming 02:56 23.The Hermit and the Chieftain 02:09 24.The Open Cage 04:06 25.The Seahorse Brigade 03:14 26.Making Amends 01:38 27.Into the Beyond 04:28 28.Reverie Above the World 09:19
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