Battle Engine Aquila

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The planet's most powerful battlecraft is in your hands.

The forces of the Forseti and the evil Muspell are in a fight to the death for a flooded world's most limited resource: land. You are Hawk Winter, plucked from obscurity to pilot Battle Engine Aquila. Airborne or on land, you'll harness Aquila's versatile mobility and awesome fire power in guiding legions of allies to victory. By commanding a device so powerful and advanced, your battlefield decisions will shape the direction of each engagement and, ultimately, the entire war.

  • Progress through a branching storyline of 43 missions with advanced variations
  • Shape the direction of each battle by choosing where and how you launch your offensive
  • Battle with or against a friend in three intense split-screen multiplayer modes: Skirmish, Versus and Cooperative
  • Nearly 50 types of friendly and enemy units including land troops, aircraft, sea vessels and tanks
  • Mass destruction capability through 10 different weapons
  • Experience combat on 12 huge, incredibly detailed islands

Throwback Thursday Recommendation

Every Thursday, we share the earnest reasons that make a classic game so dear to us!

Recommended by Matthias, Customer Support Representative at GOG: As a kid, I once in a while passed by an electronics store where one could briefly play Battle Engine Aquila on console. The battles with huge numbers of enemies and allies, plus the ability to shift with one button from ground to air combat, wasn't something I've ever seen in another game before and instantly captivated me! After that I haven't touched Battle Engine Aquila in more than 18 years but just recently I finally experienced the full game... and it plays as I remembered! The battle atmosphere and fast pace ground&air combat are still great fun today!

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